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Tips on Traveling:

First Tip: Place a copy of your Passport along with any other Travel and Medical Documents within each piece of your luggage.

Tip: When you travel to a new city, consider using that city's Public Transportation system first! Bringing any documents that can help qualify you to that city's discount programs. It can make transportation much easier and less expensive: Medicare Card, Social Secuity Card, Legal ID Card or Passport.

Examples: In Las Vegas I would normally be required to pay $5.00 a day for unlimitted access to their bus system, but by bringing with me a Legal ID, or Driver's License along with my Mediare Card, I was able to buy a 15 Day Unlimitted Access Pass for $16.50 during a 9 day stay.

Tip: If you ever have a problem with misplacing things, consider taping items like a Hostel Membership Card to the Legal ID you will be using. When you arrive to your place of lodging, you may be asked for both items.