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This section to Travel Ready's website is devoted to the needs and interests of Travel Agents worldwide. It is here that they will be able to locate appropriate certification chanels along with the arranging for their own travel needs.

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Types of Certification


IATA - International Air Transport Association.
ERSP - Electronic Reservation Service Provider.
CLIA - Cruise Line International Association.
ARC - Airline Reporting Corporation.
TS - Travel Sellers.
SATO - Scheduled Airline Traffic Offices.
TIDS - Travel Industry Designator Service.
TRUE - Travel Retail Universal Enumeration sociation.

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Carnival Corporation: Media Contacts.

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Outside Support Network. [Handbook]

Travel World International Magazine - [PDF]

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Travel Tradeshows:
London World Travel.

- Franchise Opportunities -
Expedia Cruise Ship Centers.
Travel Weekly Magazine

Travel Studies: [PDF]
Tourism Facilities in Port.
IATA - Air Travel Demand.
Arbitron Airport Advertising.
Directory of Affiliated Resorts.
Travel Patterns of People of Color.
Access To Travel For The Disabled.
Trip Diary Survey of Community Trip Planners.
Economic Impact & Travel Patterns of AccessileTourism in Europe.
The Impact of Post-9/11 Airport Security Measures on the Demand for Air Travel.
The Impacts of the Cruise Industry on Tourism Destinations.
Issues and Challengers in Caribbean Cruise Ship Tourism.
Assessing and Managing Cruise Ship Tourism.
Trends in Women's Travel Patterns.
Thanksgiving In The Skies.
Cruise Liners Case Study.
Cruise Ship Polution.

Improving Service: [More PDF's]
Accessible Seas.
ADA Non-Compliance, Can you afford it?
Obligations of the Hospitality Industry to the Deaf.
Disability Rights and Public Accommodatioins - State by State.
Providing Effective Communication For Clients Who Are Deaf.
ADA Accessible Customer Service Practices For Hotel and Lodging Disabled Guests.
Directory of Resources For Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services.
Communicating With Guests Who Are Deaf.
Guidelines For Accommodating the Deaf.

Las Vegas Hospitality Association.
American Hotel & Lodging Association.
Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority
Southern Nevada Hotel Concierge Association.
Nevada Hotel & Lodging Association.
Nevada Restaurant Association.