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Travel Checklist: [Do's & Don'ts]
- It is often the little things that can ruin a vacation, So, Be Prepared! -
1. Do not overpack when traveling. Provide space inside luggage for possible souvenirs along the way.
2. Use UPS/Fed Ex to ship souvenirs home, if space becomes an issue.
3. Bring Snacks/Food with you. Onboard food is often much more expensive.
4. Get a Capital One Credit Card, if traveling abroad. They offer a $0.00 Currency Conversion fee.
5. Pack a small First-Aid Kit. Include Asthma medicines & any other medicines you may need during the trip... and Bring a Flashlight along with extra batteries.
6. Bring compact Headphones for private listening to radio/ CD/ or DVD.
7. Bring some Cash with you as you may need to take a Taxi or Bus at destination points along the way.
8. Bring Electric Razer & Cord.
9. Bring a Notebook, and a few Pens for taking notes.
10. Bring your PASSPORT, if you will be traveling to another country, and do not forget your children. They will need PASPORTS as well!
11. Bring plenty of Sun Tan Lotion with the propper Sun Block protection and a pair of Sun Glasses, if your are going to a region known to be sunny.
12. If your head is balled, Bring a Cap, Stocking Cap/ or Hat. to prevent excessive sun burning/ or from excessive cold.
13. Use Credit, whenever possible as it provides security if card is ever lost or stolen. Only spend what you have available in your savings account.
14. If you are traveling with children, Bring Toys, Games and Puzzles for their entertainment and for your peace of mind!
15. Bring a Pad Lock / Combination Lock for Storeage Locker at Hostel / Hotel.
16.Bring a Coat for possibe COLDER WEATHER! / an Umbrella for rainy weather. Bring a light weight Woolen Blanket for Train / Bus Travel. Bring a Scarf, if you will be goiing through a Colder climate.
17. Don't Forget to Bring your Cellular Phone, and Phone Charger.
18. Bring a small Extention Cord, for multiple outlets. There may only be one Electric Outlet avilable on the Train/Boat.
19.You may wish to Bring your Computer/Notebook and Electric Cord on trip.
20. Bring a Backpack, for small items, Notebook Computer, Electrical Devices & Cords and for needed Medicines or First-Aid Kit.
21. Consider paying for a Travel Insurance policy, when you travel.
22. Bring a Pillow for greater Sleeping Comfort on Trains/ Planes or Busses.
Don't Assume that you will be able to purchase them later on!
23. Bring a Swimming Suit. Health/Fitness Clubs can now be found everywhere. When on a Trip, use swimming pools for relaxation. Leave 'the workout' at home!
24. Bring a Wash Cloth, a Bar of Soap, and a Hand Towel for bathing on a Train. You may not be in a Sleeper Car, but bathing does not need to be a major task.

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