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Robert Wright, 718 North 143rd Street, #104, Seattle, WA, 98133-6969
Phone: (206) 883-9923
/ (206) 365-2236, email: Read. / Write.
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- How To Use Website -

This website has been developed into a 3 Frame web page design. Table of Contents material will be linsted on the outer left and right most frames. When you click on one Table of Content listing, a more detailed listing may pop-up on the oposite side to this 3-Frame website providing you with a greater detailed listing.

Travel Ready has been designed to serve practically every kind of traveler you might be; from the Simple Travler all the way up to the Travel Agent.

To the
Simple Traveler, who may only wish a plane / boat / or train to catch - everything can be found in this [ Center Frame ]. For brevity sake, the first screen you will see will provide you with a smaller listing, but can be expanded to list all of the most-General Listings of Travel Services found on the Internet.

To the
Detailed Traveler, who would like to be able to customize their travel experience - I have placed detailed information on hotels, restaurants and on General Attractions under [ City Destinations ] in the left-most frame. As you click on this [ Link ] notice what happens to the Left-most Frame! Content may be found on either side related to your choice of Table of Content listing. In this case, you will simply choose what city you may want to travel and more detailed information will appear. Your final link will appear in this center frame with that company's website appearing inside this center frame.

To the
Travel Agent - all of their potential needs can be found in the lower section of the far left frame under [ Travel Agent ].