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My Verizon Moment(s):

Sansung has put alot of thought in the developing of their Galaxy S6 and I am here to give my own spin on what I have learned from using this phone and to give my own thoughts on what I would think of it. For me, the greatest amount of time, initially, was spent in populating my contact list into the phone. The Smart Phone is an example of the mergance of the traditioinal phones with the functions of the Internet; allowing the user to use Google as a means for accessing phone numbers and bypass the Phone Book or Directory Services, to the downloading of applications [Apps] for the phone. And it is from the importing of these Apps that a user can expand their Smart Phone's capabilities.

The Smart Phone has merged the functions of the traditional phone while incorporating accessibility to the Internet using Touch Screen feature found in Windows 10 Operating Systems to move from screen to screen and from application to application. Through its' use of Google, it also became possible to educate the Smart Phone in expanding its' own capabilities. Apps are programs that you can download into the phone's internal hard drive space for future use. Keep in mind that eventually the hard drive will fill up, to the point of where you will need to delete applications or files before you will be allowed to add anything else to the hard drive. As my phone's disc space became full, I began limiting my downloads to only applications I actually used or might use. It turns out that you can add quite a few apps to this phone before such an event occurs. Should your display screen become convoluted with an unorganized aray of applications, by overlapping one App's image on top of anouther App's image, a common folder is created to house the two apps being joined. From that point on additional apps can be added by drawing [clicking the mouse on the app and dragging it] to that folder.

As apps are downloaded and installed, the application is installed within the
Apps Folder found at the bottom right of the main screen, and a shortcut icon is placed on the main screen. As a screen is populated with these icon representations to the apps, additional pages are created automatically. From the Apps Folder, app shortcut icons can be reproduced and place in multiple screen pages. At some point in time it became too cumbersome to find desired apps even with all of these folders now setup. As with Internet Browsers, I found using a "Favorites" Folder to be extremely useful. Applications here would be of mixed types. Application Icons can be moved from page to page, but the Apps can only be removed when you are in the Apps Folder.