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My Las Vegas Moment(s): [2014 - 2015]

I have had a wonderful travel experiance each time coming to Las Vegas and I would like to give propper thanks to the Westgate Hotel/Casino Buffet and to the Flamingo Hotel/Casino's Paradise Garden Buffet for their generosity in providing me with three Buffet meals in 2015 and in providing two more buffets during the Consumer Electronic Tradeshow of 2016 allowing me to include a friend to one of them. Additionally, and just as helpful has been the Las Vegas Monorail for providing me with FREE access to their monorail service during my visits here and to Scootaround for making their rentals more affordable during my week long stay.

They all came together to help me complete my work in comfort.

My work, when I attend a tradeshow is to attend the tradeshow and to allow time to photograph the city in as much detail as possible within a given time. I had learned years earlier, that when you come to the Las Vegas Convention Center if you truly plan to cover the complete tradeshow, and you do not want your feet to be sore the next morning, then renting a scooter was the only way to go. The Sccotaround staff had provided me with a 4-wheel scooter at a reduced rate during the tradeshow adding a few additional days of FREE use. One piece of advice that I might make is to always carry their charger along with you. You will probably need it. Take every opportunity to charge-up the scooter when you are not activly using it, and turn it off if you expect to be waiting for any great length of time.            

For my 2016 visit, my itinerary would begin with a visit to the Westgate's Buffet first; meeting up with their buffet's General Manager arriving to their Lunch Buffet. My friend and I would spend two hours there later that evening enjoying their array of tasty foods as we discussed matters of the day; with the first day of the tradeshow now over.

The restaurant was clean and organized and the staff were very helpful going so-far as to help me setup for my scooter to charge-up while my friend and I enjoy the enviance of a buffet environment. The food was great, with a wide selection of entrees. From the Westgate's Buffet Menu I sampled their salmon, fried chicken, spinach and Romain salads, watermellon, a few of their desserts with a Sprite and a milk drink to round out my meal. Their plates were large as was their portion sizes. Even in a sampling mentality as I was, I left their restaurant stuffed and pleased with the meal.

With the assistance of one of the Paradise Garden Buffet's cashiers I was able to meet their General Manager and he arranged for this second buffet to take place.

It was during their Brunch-like buffet, that I was able to choose from among their pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage links and bacon strips. Or I could have chosen from itens like Romaine salads or Make-Your-Own Salades from a wide selections of vegtables and fruits and other condements, pizza slices, baked or broiled chicken-turkey-ham, or you coould settle down to a daily soup. For dessert there were cake slices and pie slices, cookies and fudge brownies.

Both buffets offered a wide assortment of drinks; coffee, tea, 2% and whole milk, chocolate milk, orange juice, apple juice along with vinilla and chocolate icecream for dish or cone.

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