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My Las Vegas Moment(s): [2016]

Since 1987 I have been attending tradeshows all over the country as a way of monitoring technological advancements taking place in the Market Place. And with each year's attendance I have found some wonderful advancements in the process; presenting me with a myriad of ideas on how to use such technology. As such, I look forward to attending every tradeshow I can and Las Vegas can show the best throughout the year.

2016 would also be a great year for attending tradeshows at the Las Vegas Convention Center and for which I was extremely grateful when financial discounts and complimentary passes were granted to me from companies like Scootaround Scooter and The Las Vegas Monorail during The Consumer Electronic Show and the National Association of Broadcasters Tradeshow.

Scootaround Scooter provided me with a 25% off discout for the first day's rental and offered me two Free Day rentals, and The Las Vegas Monorail had likewise provided me with free Unlimitted Access for three 24 hour periods and with the use of these services I was able to cover much of The Las Vegas Strip.

Each year when attnding a technology based tradeshow I have found quite a few things worhy of photographing when away from the convention center and this year I was aided by Big Bus Tours of Las Vegas in taking me to different sides to some of the casinos previously photographed at night and provided background information regarding Las Vegas's early history, when organized crime thrived here.

Big Bus had two routs visiting all of the major casinos on and around The Las Vegas Strip intersecting near The Circus, Circus Casino and Hotel, where visitors could transfer to another tour bus located on the south side of the casino's property. The tours were engaging for the visitors riding Big Bus Tours for the first time and the tour guides were very polite seeing to the comfort of all passengers on the upper and lower decks to their busses.

As the first leg to my tour ended it left me in front of the Circus, Circus Hotel and Casino and for the next two hours I searched out iconic statues and marquees to photograph. As the name implied - a circus, I also wanted to see what they would bring from the genre of entertainment to their hotel. While it would be primarily slot machines, roulette wheels and poker tables on their first floor, their second floor was where I found everything circus and a perfect playground for any children with every part of the second floor wheelchair accessible with ramps to the upper levels.

Everything about Las Vegas is expensive, and so why should food be any different? So, when I was able to experience a complimentary Buffet Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, it was a very special moment for me. This year it would be first at Westgate's Fresh Buffet, and from a future moment scheduled at Westgate's Fresco Italiano Restaurant, with "Circus, Circus'"s Circus Buffet moment sandwiched in the middle; with each following buffet momnt leaving me somewhat stuffed prior to the next like moment.

Fresco's really went out of their way, misunderstanding the instruction for a conbo plate, they prepared two full dinner entrees; consisting of a Speghetti and Meatball dish and a Chicken Fettuccine dish. Their opperating hours were: Tuesday - Saturday, 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM with reservations: available by calling (702) 732-5755 (8:00 AM – 4:00 PM) or (702) 732-5277 (4:00 PM – 10:00 PM). Both entrees were very good, but my preferrrence among these two entrees leaned towards the Chicken Fettuccine.

There was so much food left over I had to request two "Doggie Bags" to bring what I could not eat of the meal to my room. Chrissy was my server and she was extremely courteous and outgoing to me. Unlike the Consumer Electronic Show, the National Association of Broadcasters does not provide any boxed lunches for members of the Press, and on one of my visits over to the Westgate Hotel I met up with the manager to Fresco's who offered me this complimentery meal in his restaurant.