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My Cruise 360 Moment(s):

2017 would be my first year attending Fort Lauderdale's Cruise 360 Tradeshow and was held at their Convention Center through April 18-24, 2017. I would miss out inspecting two of the cruise ships, for which I had been scheduled and for which was the primary purpose of the trip and this would be what saddened me the most.

Upon my arrival to the Fort Lauderdale International Airport, I learned that my luggage had been taken by accident by an airport employee's wife. And on my departure from Orlando, Florida my luggage would be left behind [I suspect] at the airport, with my camara bag and gear left in the back seat of my friend's car.

Looking at the good side of all of this, I would meet and be introduced to some more of the company staff of the
Scootaround Company and establish new contacts with the Special Needs Group. Both of these companies offer scooter rentals to the general public.

At a point when I was dead tired from walking through the convention center collecting and carrying brochure materials that I would use for my
Travel Ready webite along with my camera and lenses, I had sat down on the floor of the convention floor near the entrance doors. Seeing that I was tired, an attendee working for the Cambria Suites as one of their Sales Diretors came over to me to ask me if there was anything I needed at the time. I said "No", that I was simply tired, but I was curious to learn what company she was from. Learning that she represented a hotel chain, I asked for her contact information and elaborated more on my work as disability role model; showing her some of the Press clippings from previous events my envolvement had generated.

As I was arising from the floor to follow an insistant friend I was with, I was still thinkning "I need to sit down", but I went. My friend had not disclosed to me what the name of the company was but insisted that I come. The Special Needs Group would step to the plate first though to provide me with free use of their scooter onhand for the remainer of the one-day tradeshow; ironically happening moments before meeting up with Scootaround.

I appreciated both companies' assistance. Scootaround provided me with free use of one of their scooters for the remainder of the Cruise 360 Tradeshow; another two days.